Get to your Valentines Dinner in a Luxury Limo

Valentine’s Day comes on the 14th day of February each year. It is a time to celebrate love and be together with your mate. You could show that important person in your life that you care by buying them roses, wine or taking them out for dinner. February is not far off; you need to plan for the V-day early. Dinner always goes down well with the day. Picture yourself seated at a fancy restaurant beside the pool. In the background, piped music plays beneath the aura of dimmed lights or candle lit tables. This year, surprise your loved one by taking them to dinner in a limousine.


Luxury Limousine

A luxury limo provides you with two qualities, luxury and discretion. Limousines are famed for their luxurious interiors. The car comes with a chauffeur, a complementary bottle of wine, music or even a flat screen. The windows are tinted meaning that you can get into a romance mood with your partner without having to shy away from pedestrian eyes or other motorists. As the vehicle zooms off from the collection point to your destination, the two of you can enjoy a glass of wine in total privacy. Because demand for limousine services is set to rise a few weeks before Valentine’s, make an early booking.

Tips on hiring a Valentine’s Day limousine service

  • Determine how much you want to spend

The cost of hiring limousines varies depending on the type of car you want. Standard limos are cheaper compared to stretch limos. The standard type can carry up to six people while the stretch type takes a maximum of eight passengers. You should also bear in mind that limousine rentals charge an hourly rate. Working with a budget helps as you can negotiate the fee to suit your finances.

  • Choose the limo type and amenities

Decide the type of limo you want to ride in. Moreover, determine how long the two of you will be out dining. Limousines come with amenities such as a mini-bar, DVD player, TV, stereo or sunroof. Check whether the company you are interested in has posted the prices of facilities online. Sometimes providers do not disclose these costs meaning that you will have to confirm the details on the phone.

  • Carry out background checks on the limousine operator

You would not want anything to ruin a dinner date on such an important day. To avoid disappointment, conduct some research on the desired service operator. Confirm that the provider has the appropriate licences and vehicle insurance. Find out for how long the company has been in service. These days, doing background checks is easy as you only need to visit the limo company’s website.

  • Vehicle condition

Nothing could be more disappointing than having your ride break down when you are going somewhere on your date. To avoid such hassles, find out the state of the limo you want to hire. Inquire about its year of manufacture and the amenities. Some limo companies post lovely photos of their limos but end up providing you with an entirely different vehicle. Visit the limo firm and make a reservation in person.

  • Choose a good chauffeur

An irresponsible or inexperienced driver could ruin your Valentine’s Day dinner. Check with the limousine company and confirm that your designated driver has the relevant experience and knows their way around town. Perhaps you could share your itinerary with the limo service provider just so that they are ready in good time.


Leave nothing to chance when planning to take your special one to a Valentine’s Day outing. Since most limo rentals will ask you to place a deposit, make sure that you can get a refund if at all the service is unsatisfactory. Do not be afraid of negotiating the price. There is nothing wrong with haggling with the limo company’s agent until you reach a consensus. Make the day a special one and your mate will remember it for the rest of the year.

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